Alien Loves Predator

The following is more of an introduction to the series than a review (if I had to rate the comics (just the comics, nothing else), I’d probably rate them something like 4.8 out of 5).

Alien Loves Predator (tagline: “In New York, no one can hear you scream”) stars an Alien “monster” (or alien) and a Predator “monster” (or alien – from the Alien and Predator movies) that live together in an apartment in NYC. The series of comic strips follow these aliens as they live their lives in NYC, where, apparently, creatures from outer space do not faze the humans wandering around NYC. What a great place, eh?

I just recently ran across a link to this webcomic on a blog (don’t recall, now, which blog). The link mentioned that the NY Yankees had signed Jesus Christ to play for them and this mildly intrigued me, so I clicked on the link and found the webcomic Alien Loves Predator (aLp). The comic linked was interesting, so I started from the beginning of the series and found myself reading all the comics in one go. Quite entertaining. Despite the fact that the stars are outer space aliens, the series has a very realistic feel to it.

The series is in color and uses action-figures, and I believe what might be actual photos (or very good and realistic drawing/inking). The comics do have a certain flow and story development about them, but seem to a slightly less concerned with overarching plot than much more immediate humor in each strip than some other comics. The series started sometime in 2004 and is still going strong, with a new comic strip appearing most Mondays.

Each comic strip comes with an interesting blog entry (not sure if all strips have this entry, as I haven’t gone back to read them yet, the comics were so good that I kept hitting next right after I read them, instead of taking the time to read the blog entry). And most of the comic “episodes” have “tags” that link comics with a similar theme. Tags: baseball: 8; chinese food: 4; corinna: 23; eliza: 1 gym: 1; jesus: 11; ma: 5; movies: 4; nyc: 17; pee: 4; plot:apt hunt: 5; plot:first date: 13; plot:glasses: 12; plot:roommate: 12; plot:tattoo: 6; poop: 4; speed dating: 6; subway: 10; taxi: 3; theo: 3; xmas: 6; zeev/boris: 5 (there are currently 160 “episodes”).

A great series. Try at least one episode and you’ll likely read them all (experience based on knowledge of one visitor’s reaction).

end note: I originally thought that The aLpoholics Anonymous section of the website was referencing alcohol anonymous – just thought I’d admit my mistake; Favorite episode and favorite segment might eventually be added after I reread the series.

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