Scott Adams’ Blog

Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comics, has a very interesting and at times funny blog. The blog contains column-like entries that occasionally include his, and very rarely, others’ comics. While the blog is titled “Dilbert Blog by Scott Adams“, the entries rarely focus on the Dilbert comic (more later; the Dilbert comics are also available on the internet). The blog started October 24th in the year 2005.

Considering who he is and the demands on his time, Adams’ blog is updated a lot more often than I would expect (I could be wrong, but I believe that he posts a new entry almost every day). The blog entries are almost always interesting, though less often funny (Adams has a lot more interests than just humor).

Blog entries include discussions about Intelligent Design, what makes a funny comic (or categories of humor), torturing terrorists, free copy of one of his books, an entry about a clothing web service idea (don’t recall now the exact idea, but it had something to do with photos of people wearing clothing, and users would try to find their “doubles”, the people that look like them and see how those clothes look), and many other interesting entries.

If “you” have ever read a Scott Adams book (the wordy ones, not the picture heavy ones) and even mildly found the books interesting, then I would highly recommend a visit to Adams’ blog. If “you” only like his comics and never “got into” his written work, I would still recommend a visit to his blog.


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