Pibgorn, what can I say about Pibgorn? It has been a long time since I last checked in on the Pibgorn universe. The comic is one that I enjoy, but seems to require breaks from reading it, and so, I occasionally let the comic collect several weeks worth of strips before I return (most of the time I forget about it and end up with months worth; works for me). Pibgorn is a comic that is much more easily enjoyed reading large chunks at a time than reading just once a day. There are some great humorous occasions that occur in single segments (single strip) but the comic seems to be less about humor than about story.

Pibgorn is a color comic featuring two female creatures and one male human, Geoff (the early comic, which I believe as a test run, is in black and white). One of the females, Pibgorn, is a fairy/pixie creature that started off as a small little creature that flew about the undergrowth. The other female, Drusilla, is a succubus that preys on mans wants and desires. Since the comic is on comics.com (and I believe not in any newspapers), there is a meet the characters section (there are other characters listed on the “meet the characters” section, but the three I’ve mentioned are the main characters), so I’ll move on. The comic itself is fulled with science fiction, fantasy and fairy tale creatures and with a certain amount of humor.

Pibgorn was created by Brooke McEldowney in, I believe, 2001. McEldowney, as his page on comics.com notes, started his newspaper comic strip in 1993 (9 Chickweed Lane), but does not note that Pibgorn is only a webcomic (I thought I read that somewhere, but I could be wrong).

A great deal of time and effort has gone into creating characters, plots and interesting story-lines, and I would recommend this comic. Including both Pibgorn and 9 Chickweed Lane, I’ve rated McEldowney’s comics a 4.27 out of 5 (rating just Pibgorn, I’d give the roughly four years I’ve read a rating of 4.28). There are two segments of Pibgorn that I’ve especially enjoyed, giving them a much higher rating. I would recommend that new viewers/readers check out the Origins section first (comics.com isn’t exactly an easy to navigate website), which I’ve rated a 4.40. The February to March segment (without story arc names and the like, I rate by three month periods) of 2003 received a rating of 4.48.

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3 Responses to “Pibgorn”

  1. kajac Says:

    Do you have any idea about the future of this comic? Is it being discontinued completely or only on comics.com? Re: the announcement that it will no longer be seen there after today.

  2. Susan A. Says:

    According to Wikipedia:

    On 17 April 2007, United Media announced through comics.com that Pibgorn would be discontinued on 18 April, 2007. McEldowney has indicated that United Media accomodated his request to be released from his contract in order to secure a new online home for Pibgorn.

    That’s all I can find concerning Pibgorn’s future at present. I guess it’s all up to Mr. McEldowney’s discretion-perhaps he won’t leave us hanging too long!

  3. sparrowhawk Says:

    Let´s hope the author will continue to publish this excellent series somewhere. This is clearly amongst the best comics I ever was lucky enough to come across: Tremendously funny, highly intelligent and with a fine erotic tinge to spice it up beautifully.

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