Elf Only Inn

I was going down the link list of webcomics on “The Webcomicker” blog and found some that interested me enough to bookmark them, but most I only glanced at and moved on. One, though, dragged me into it, causing me to stop my examination of the links and forget the clock and made me leave late from work. I was having too much fun reading “Elf Only Inn” to stop and go home. I started it from the beginning (May 23, 2002) and continued to something like January 2003 before I had to leave for home.

Elf Only Inn (EOI) is a color comic about a RPG chat room titled Elf Only Inn (about page). EOI stars Lord Elf, Duke, Nimoy, a half-elf/half vampire barely clad wench, the Lord of Dorkness, a guy deep into Anime (and whose name I can’t remember), Lord Woot (“The Janitor”), and another elven girl whose name escapes me (Megan? the vegan).

A very funny webcomic that I highly recommend, as long as you have several days free. I hope that I’ll eventually have some free time to finish the archive (unfortunately, this webcomic appears to have ended August 13, 2004).



2 Responses to “Elf Only Inn”

  1. Best Blog on WordPress » Fun Things in the Neighborhood Says:

    […] Beside introducting some obscure comic strips, he is also drawing his own. […]

  2. Fallen Says:

    EOI has picked up again after an almost 2 year hiatus and is still going strong

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