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I’m trying to write an introduction to everything that I include as a link on my blog, and not add a link until said introduction is put together and enters the pipeline (written, posted, or written and post-dated). So . . . how do I include links to my own blogs? Obviously enough, I’ll need to write an introduction to my own blogs to follow the intended direction of this blog.

I’m quite uncomfortable writing a review of my own work, so I’m mildly glad that I’m currently posting introductions instead of reviews. Of course, I’m also uncomfortable writing my own introduction. Be that as it may, I desire to include links to my own blogs, so some type of introduction must be written.

Blog 1: Entertainment Universe:

EU is the first blog I’ve ever attempted, and I started it sometime around March or April 2005 (odd, first entry appears to be from April 25 2005, though I thought I had started earlier). That blog was intended to be my only blog and to contain everything that might remotely be related to the entertainment world. Fairly early on I realized that the blog was both too broadly focused while at the same time too narrowly confined (technically anything could be argued to be “entertainment” related that isn’t specifically work-related, while at the same time entertainment tends to be more readily identified with tv, movies, and music). So, this lead to the second blog. Before I turn to it, I’ll note that EU was something of both a failure and a success (I still update the blog, rarely, but my thoughts were too unfocused and too infrequent). I’ll include a more detailed introduction later.

Blog 2: Nationals Baseball Fan:

My fourth entry on EU was something of a review of a MLB Nationals baseball game I had attended. As I was a season ticket holder in this team’s first season in Washington, DC, I figured that I might have some thoughts on the subject, so I decided to learn from my somewhat failure in creating EU (too broad) and create a new narrowly focused blog just for Nationals baseball activity. Except for one month (and starting after the season started), this particular blog was much more successful than EU, if for no other reason than I tended to include at least 1 entry every workday (except for about a month and occasionally breaks) during the regular season. The end of the season lead to a very long hiatus that is rarely broken, and likely to remain until the start of the new season. Not exactly the best policy to keep readers. See a more detailed introduction later (more detailed, but not particularly long).

Blog 3: My Blog on

My third blog started somewhat reluctantly and accidently. I had been an editor for TV shows and people on a website known as (a website that provided guides to television shows, information about actors, and links to a sister website that contained guides to movies). That website was sold CNet, and was born. continued the guide to television approach from, but attempted to create a much more community oriented system that allowed . . . (well, I’m sure this all important, but not for this particular entry, so . . .). One of the new features that CNet brought to the relaunched TVTome (as was a section for user blogs. Other websites have a hard time accepting these user blogs as blogs, and the blogs periodically disappear from view. As I already had the EU blog, and as I didn’t feel as if I would “own” the blog, I wasn’t particularly interested in starting a new blog. Eventually, though, I found some of the new features of annoying and so I started making entries on the blog in an attempt to record my frustration (it had to do with submissions to tv shows taking a long time to be processed, if ever). The blog (or my section of that is my blog) is quite similar to my EU blog, though occasionally entries will turn up solely on one or the other blog.

Blog 4: Politics & History (not actual name)

At various times in my life I’ve been interested in politics and history, neither subject seemingly covered by previous blogs (mine, not others). I decided to create a new blog for my thoughts on the subject (started with Justice Roberts nomination), but I ended up with a total of 4 entries and then the blog died (and one of the entries was deleted and moved over to EU). So, dead blog.

Blog 5: This blog

See about section. Basically intended to provide reviews/introductions for interesting things I find on the internet.


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