My Blogs: Entertainment Universe

Ah yes, Entertainment Universe. My first attempt at writing a blog. Silly of me, really. I never even attempted to keep a journal as I was growing up, and I thought I might have something to say in blog form (in a web log; and to continue the thought, I don’t keep a diary or journal now, beyond whatever turns up in the various blogs I occasionally post on)? Well, despite that lack of journal experience, I decided to give blogging a chance. What did it get me? A nice small place to collect some thoughts, occasionally, and for the most part, all it got me was the chance to play that Blogshares game (write blog, collect fake $500). I figured the best avenue of approach would be to write about things that interest me in the entertainment world. Stupid of me, I know, as I don’t really have: 1) the ability to write; 2) thoughts (I was going to say thoughts on entertainment, but I’ll leave it as thoughts).

So, a blog. Over a small period of years, I’ve written some reviews on books, movies, music, and television, and written some guides to books. Some, though not all, of these reviews and guides turned up on my EU blog. So, strangely enough, did a play I had written, and a history paper. Mostly, though, EU is the place where I very occasionally post my thoughts on movies, books, and tv. Thoughts that are not particularly well thought out, nor presented in a “review”. At most, and to be generous, I tend to create “mini-reviews”. If I posted on any kind of regular basis, and actually took the time to create well-crafted reviews, then I might have something to be proud of, but no.

Well ok, what actually appears on the blog, then? As mentioned, I occasionally write reviews of books, movies, music and television, but for the most part, the blog is just a random collection of vague thoughts about television and movies, and occasionally some thoughts on other matters. Basically: very boring, steer clear of this blog.


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