My List: Webcomics (and on-line print comics) that I read:

List is subject to change, and is a somewhat shortened list of the webcomics I read. I need to continue the list when I have more time (a lot more comics need to be added).

Alien loves Predator see introduction written for it.

Elf Only Inn see introduction written for it. (I believe that it is now inactive, but I haven’t finished reading the archive yet).

PandaXpress! by ?. Quite strange colorized comic that I found on The Webcomicker’s blog. I skipped it the first time I saw it, but when I went back to look over the list, I gave it another chance. I’ve finished the first chapter and I haven’t a clue what the story is supposed to be about. A girl riding around on a panda looking for her dad, a strange 1880s like fellow wandering around the streets attempting to duel with purse-thieves, a roller-disco blond fellow beating up ninjas, and a talking goat crashing taxis into the sea (and then riding a submarine up to his house). An addictive comic, but very very strange.

Pibgorn by Brooke McElowney. I’ve read most of the series, from the start up to October of 2005 (I need to remember to catch up with the series). See the introduction entry I’ve written (I can’t remember everything I wrote; series is about a pixie and a succubus and a man and . . .). If my math was correct, separating out Pibgorn from the overall rating given by me for McElowney’s work, gives Pibgorn a rating of 4.28 out of 5.

9 Chickweed Lane
by Brooke McElowney. I’ve read less of this McElowney series, and unfortunately, don’t really remember it. I started at the available beginning (not sure if actual beginning) of November 2000 and have read everything up through November 2004. I’ve rated that stretch a rating of 4.25. Oh, and everything I read in this series has been read on-line. I believe that this comic might have some print distribution but I’ve never read it in that format.

Sluggy Freelance
by Pete Abrams. August 1997 to January 24th 2006 read. Still active webcomic. Favorite webcomic (despite overall rating of 4.11 out of 5 (comic is a lot better than 4.11, not sure what happened there)). See introduction.


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