My List: Comics I’ve read, but mostly off-line:

List is very much not exhaustive. Many comics missing, like Big Nat, Shoe, Non Sequitur (which I’ve stopped reading), Herman, and others that I can’t recall at the moment.

Baldo by Hector Cantu & Carlos Castellanos. I’ve read two of the comic books so far, first one I really enjoyed, and the second one was much less interesting. A similar feeling consumes me as I follow(ed) the series through the newspaper. The series is about a Hispanic family. The two books have a combined rating of 4.30 out of 5 (rating based on just two books is causing a higher rating than I think I should be giving). Never read on-line.

Dilbert by Scott Adams. My local paper likes hiding the Dilbert comics in odd locations, so I rarely get to read the newspaper strips in newspaper form. There too many comics out there to read, so I’ve not tried to keep up with the web-posted comics. Oddly enough, I do keep up with Scott Adams blog, which only occasionally includes comics (see introduction for the blog). I keep up with the comics through the book releases. I haven’t gotten the most recent release yet, and I’ve only read 21 of the comic books (and 4 of the management books – I actually was able to justify the cost of buying one of the management books by reviewing it for a college management class). I like Dilbert, but can be a little too repetitive at times and in the end, I’ve rated it only 4.04 out of 5 (the books).

Get Fuzzy by Darby Conley. One of my favorite newspaper comics. As I tend to not read the comics on a daily basis, I’ve mostly read this series through the comic books. I’ve read five of the releases, though I accidently didn’t rate the last book. Overall, I’ve rated the angry cat, dumb dog, man comic strip a high 4.38 out of 5 stars. Rarely read on-line.

Mutts by Patrick McDonnell. I’ve read two of the Mutts books, and occasionally read some of it in the newspaper. There have been some very good arcs and one-off gags, but overall the series is somewhat flat. Just going by the two books I’ve read, I rated the comic 3.80. I like the series better than that rating, and like the comic in newspaper form a lot better than in book form (and the rating just reflects book form, most ratings in these ratings reflect book ratings). Never read on-line.

Pearls Before Swine by Stephen Pastis. This is a very hit-or-miss comic that occasionally scores big, but largely falls flat. I’ve read two collections of the comic, and rated those two books an overall rating of 3.81. I’m much more comfortable with this rating than other newspaper comics that only have book ratings, ratings. I think I’ve read it on-line, once or twice.

Pickles by Brian Crane. A good comic that is somewhat undermined by the method the comic was released in book form. I’ve read just one Pickles book, and while I generally liked it, I was annoyed that the book did not contain everything between a set period of time like most books of its nature, but an odd assortment of comic strips that disrupted the flow of the series. I like the comic a lot better than the 3.92 rating I gave the one book I read, but I only have that rating to go on. I’ve occasionally read it on-line.

Sherman’s Lagoon by Jim Toomey. I believe that the series might have started in 1991, though that’s based on a book that I’ve read that supposedly collects the “Greatest Hits” from 1991-2001. This is one of my favorite Sunday comics (Sunday is the day I read newspaper comics, just the Sunday page), and I always look forward to reading it. The week-day comics, though seem to be much better, and I’ve read some of that particular segment of the series in book form. Based on the six books I’ve read, the series has an average of 4.16.

Zits by Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman. I’ve read this teenager series in both book collection and newspaper form, but, yet again, only have a rating for the books. The series started off strong, but has become somewhat repetitive of late, and I tend to basically ignore the series. Despite that statement, the series has been given a rating of 4.33 by me. I’ve n ever read it on-line.


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