My List: Webcomics/Comics that I want to read, but haven’t had the time yet:

A list for myself. Webcomics and comics to look into and see if I’ll enjoy:

Argon Zark! By Charley Parker. Very interesting looking color comic that sucked me in for 19 straight entries. Had to stop and haven’t returned yet. Priority to return. “The first and longest-running webcomic. Serving the finest in pixel based comics since 1995!” Can’t tell if still active.

Atland by Nate Piekos. Not sure, but I believe I clicked through an banner/ad to it and bookmarked it. Haven’t examined the colorized “hero” comic yet. There’s currently 76 entries, but no dates, so not sure when it started, or if still active.

The Big Three-Oh by Phillipe Gaboury. Another one I found on “The Webcomicker’s list”. Not exactly sure why I bookmarked it. I’ll give it a try at some point (read the first 12 or so entries; interesting, might come back). Black-and-white comic started (apparently) Feb. 28, 2005 and currently active (as of 1/23/06).

Chugworth Academy by someone (Dave Cheung? Jamal Joseph Jnr?). I think I might have found and bookmarked this manga/anime looking comic after reading an entry about it in a blog (actually, I think I was going by just the first entry and the ads, not sure it really is in the manga style). I haven’t attempted to start this comic that “Reloaded” in 5/21/03 (I think the blog entry I read was something about this comic restarting in a new format, though not sure) and is currently active.

CTRL+ALT+DEL (CAD) by Tim Buckley is apparently a big favorite among certain bloggers. Seems to have started in 2002 and not sure if still active.

El Goonish Shive
by Dan Shive. Started 1/21/02 and as of 1/20/06 still active. I don’t remember bookmarking this one, but since I did, it has been included on this list.

GPF by Jeffrey T. Darlington. Another comic found off of The Webcomicker’s blog and bookmarked by me. I’ve read just a few of the entries and it looks interesting enough (oops, I was looking at another comic listed on that blog and then clicked on an ad for GDF, which I now see is not on that blog).

Girl Genius by Professors Phil & Kaja Foglio. Going down The Webcomicker’s list, and decided to add this one to the list to sample.

Joyce and Walky! By David Willis? Another of the early comics (started 1/8/97) that I haven’t sampled this black-and-white comic yet. Looks interesting enough. It appears to have ended 10/28/04.

Mac Hall by Matt Boyd and Ian McConville. another one looked interesting of that blogs list so bookmarked it.

MegaTokyo by Fred Gallagher.

Monkey Law by Brad Hawkins. Don’t recall where I found this one (maybe from “The Webcomicker’s list), but another one that I found and bookmarked and haven’t read yet because of no time. I’m very interested in reading this one. Very funny comic today (Jan. 25, 2006) about one of the monkey’s being so out of it that he finds “Spongebob” “amazing when you’re tripping” and the other monkey points out that the first monkey is watching “The West Wing.” Not sure why, but I found that quite funny (and somewhat annoying, in that I like reading from the beginning and accidently read the most recent entry in the series, and really liked it, hope I didn’t ruin anything by doing that). Comic appears to have started Sept. 18, 2001 (and looking at it, I see why I might not have tried it yet, something about the artwork in the first entry hurts my eyes; oh, actually, it looks like it didn’t really “begin” until the beginning of 2002). Appears to have started as a black-and-white comic and then become a color comic. As mentioned, there’s just something unexplainable that is causing my eyes problems when I try to read this early black-and-white work.

No Need for Bushido by Alex Kolesar & Joe Kovell. Interesting looking start, will examine later.

Over the Hedge – I’ve read some of this series, but never rated it. Great chance to go back in the archives and reread. Talking animal strip.

Real Life
– I actually found this comic while playing the game Blogshares. It looks interesting, but I haven’t had the time yet to try it. Apparently started November 15, 1999 and currently active.

RPG by Ian J. Interesting look series. I kinda got sucked in there for a little bit (200+ strips), but I don’t have the time now to read it, so I’ll bookmark it. This particular comic is on permanent hiatus (and example; and here; here; here).

Shortpacked! By David Willis. Found this comic through a link on a particular blog (can’t remember the name now) that had a link to a comic showing Batman dancing. Interesting (funny). Bookmarked the comic, but not had the time to examine it yet. Apparently started January 17, 2005 (or at least that’s as far back as the archive goes), and is still active as of Jan. 25, 2006.

Todd and Penguin by David Wright. This one’s also on “The Webcomicker’s” list, but I think I found it elsewhere. Interesting looking colorized comic. I’ll have to give it a go at some point. Very first entry looks interesting enough. Started April 2001 and currently active (as of 1/25/06).


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