My List: Webcomics I’ve read in the past, but stopped (forgot to continue?):

Another list likely to expand.

Bruno the Bandit by Ian McDonald. If I recall correctly, this is a series that I sampled because McDonald wrote a series that appeared on the Sluggy Freelance website. I read three months (1998) of his series before running out of time and stopping. I had every intention of returning, but forgot to do so (interesting looking series). So far I’ve rated the series a 3.86 out of 5. Started July 1998, currently active.

Ghost Cat by Clay & Hampton Yount. I believe I’ve read all the series, but as I’m unsure, it has been placed in this category. I think that either the series went on a very long break, or it has finished. I’ve read August 2002 through February 2004. Interesting series (or at least I think it was, don’t particularly recall it). Gave it a rating of 4.15. I read the two comics by Yount because I was lead to them after I read some guest-spot comics found on the Sluggy Freelance website. It appears that Ghost Cat isn’t on-line anymore.

The Grizzwells by Bill Schorr. This is a comic that I’ve only read on-line, but believe is a newspaper comic. I’ve read just six months of the comic (first six months of 2000), and have given the series an overall rating of 4.18. Unfortunately, it’s been too long since I’ve read it. I’ll need to restart my reading of it (what, another talking animal strip).

Kevin & Kell By Bill Holbrock. A series that I read just one month of (Sept. 1995) in 2004, and cannot now remember what it is about. I gave that one month a rating of 3.85. I do not recall why I stopped reading, as I don’t recall the series. On-line since 1995, apparently stopped in September 2005.

Liberty Meadows by Frank Cho. Started in the University of Maryland newspaper, I believe, spread to newspapers nationwide, then turned into a webcomic due to editor and censorship concerns. Lost touch with it when it moved to the web, and still trying to figure out where I left off and what I haven’t read yet. The comic is about a nature preserve starring talking animals, and some humans (specifically starring a male animal doctor). I’ve rated the series (that I’ve read) 4.31 out of 5. The rating is based on three books and reading nine months of on-line comics (December 2001-August 2002). I stopped reading because it became difficult to figure out where I was in the series.

Penny Arcade by Mike Krahulik & Jerry Holkins (and someone, style changed there). I didn’t actually read this one in the past, I just included it here to remind myself why I don’t currently read it (actually, I just accidently read about a year of the comic entries). I’m sure the comic is brillant, but I’m not deep into the game and computer culture, so I don’t really understand all the references (though I admit that the entry with the Microsoft Certified System Engineer cat was funny; and this one; and here; and this one).

Rob & Elliott by Clay & Hampton Yount. See above. I stopped reading this one because it was taking too long between entries in the series. I read two months of the series (July-August 2004) and gave those two months a rating of 4.05. Enough time has elapsed now that if the series is still active, it might be enjoyable to read.

by Tatsuya Ishida. Another comic that I started and stopped so long ago that I don’t recall the series or why I stopped. Going by my records, I read the first ten months of 2000, before stopping for some unknown reason. I’ve given those 10 months a rating of 4.25. I’ll need to reexamine the comic and update my files. Started January 2000 and currently active.


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