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January 26, 2006

While surfing around the blogosphere (thanks Dr. Mike), I noticed a link to an interesting service known as Marketleap.

I wandered over there to check it out, more for my other blogs as this one is way too new to generate any interest (I believe a total of 9 people have glanced at it so far; I believe my average so far is zero readers per entry).

After running the link popularity service, I find some results (this orignially was a sentence linking to the results, then I found out that the report couldn’t be linked). Unsurprisingly, in the 21 days this blog has been active, it finds itself in the white section, the very low link level. Surpisingly, there are some links. Then I looked closer and see that one link is a link from this blog and the other two are from one of my other blogs.

So, have to the results by hand:

Everything is zero except for: MSN: 3 and Yahoo!/FAST/Altavista: 3.

URL List
AltaVista 2 0 0 2 0 6 0 0 3 3

Looking at this blog’s Search Saturation Report, I find:

Total Google/
HotBot MSN Yahoo!/
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3 1 0 1 1

Someday I might undstand what all this means.