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The Continuing Adventures of Slappy the Bullfrog #3

February 10, 2006

Sorry about the long hiatus.  I became somewhat addicted to a particular website and couldn’t pull myself away from it.  I never particularly cared for this series except for the one day that I drew it free-hand.  I saw it as a test of my computer skills.  Then I dropped it for a week.  There are four more free-hand comic strips that I doubt I’ll ever convert to computer comic.  Mostly because I tried the one above and screwed up.  There were supposed to be three panels with the third one showing the gun lying on the ground.  I became bored before I finished it, sorry.  Probably should have just put this one in the sketchbook file instead of the Slappy file.

Oh, and I realized quite early that the Peacekeeper comic was way more complicated than my present skill set, which is why I started the Slappy and Sketchbook series to try to “practice my way to perfection.”


The Continuing Adventures of Slappy the Bullfrog, Scene #2

February 2, 2006

click for larger picture.

The Continuing Adventures of Slappy the Bullfrog, Scene #1

February 1, 2006

Please forgive my poor little comic, there are just 6 of 7 more “scenes” that I created on the way home from work (as mentioned, somewhere, I believe that I am better at drawing off-line than on-line (using a computer, and yes I do know about scanners, and digital cameras, I don’t have the money for them); this comic scene was made on a computer (paintshop, if I recall correctly) and is based on some freehand drawings I did; I mention 6 or 7 more, they have been drawn, but not transferred to the computer – it took me a lot longer to do scene 1 on the computer than I expected).

Remember, this poor attempt at a comic is easier to see if you click on it (it will magically get larger, or magically lead you to another website, whatever it is doing, it’s like magic).